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    (Sirius Black at 2am in the Gryffindor dormitory)

    That description.

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    Love this!!! @nubianskin does lingerie in NUDE shades for all skin tones!!

    THANK YOU! Proper use of Nude… Shades for all skin tones!
    Nude is not some single tone light beige!
    … How beautiful is this!

    I asked victoria’s secret if they had any bras in a color closer to my skin and the woman fundamentally didn’t understand what i was asking for. This is awesome. And i hope they have them in larger cup sizes (>dd)

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    I mean, I’m not saying that we can enforce this as law or anything. I also might be wrong about this. But:

    Just as a general rule, I feel like we should not look at pictures of the breasts or genitalia of people who would rather we not look…


  7. americachavez:

    to all the young babies who follow me:

    hello you precious angels listen to your wise old fandom grandma and don’t ask celebrities about your otp or fanfiction or fandom in general trust me babies when you are a few years older you will not regret heeding my words and will thank me for averting that massive amount of embarrassment

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    "fat girls shouldn’t—"

    —have to deal with your narrow minded bullshit.

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    A story about nine people looking into the blackness of space and seeing nine different things. (insp. [x] [x])

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    the fact that there have no leaked nudes in my dashboard proves that i’m following the right people

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